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  • the weekend is here again. looking forward to performing! get yourselves there! xx 2010-09-17
  • Morning everyone. Next gig is this weekend. Can't wait! I better see some of you there! xx 2010-09-16
  • Free George Michael! 2010-09-15
  • helloooooo twitterers.... xx 2010-09-14
  • monday again...has everyone had a good weekend? I know I have. xx 2010-09-13
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New ‘Making Of’ video Watch Now!

August 30, 2010 12:25 pm

Hiya Ezcapaders! We just released our ‘Making Of The Video‘ and you can watch it here on out YouTube channel!!!

In it you’ll see the sets, greenscreen sound stages and all the behind the scenes stuff that Carina and the girls went through to make the fantastic video for When The Beat Drops!!!

Want a surprise??!! Go to our Facebook group and see our amazing double page spread in the Daily Star!!

Don’t forget to follow Carina on twitter and buy the record from iTunes as it’s OUT NOW!!!!! x